About Chuck

A New England native, raised in Connecticut and Rhode Island, CHUCK DAUKAS has lived in North Carolina for 17 years. He still regards Rhode Island, the setting for A Little Night Fishing, as his true home.

Today, Chuck is a dementia care specialist in North Carolina. Before that, he was a teacher for 18 years, 10 of those in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms. He holds a master's degree in counseling psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver, and a bachelor’s degree in creative writing the University of Colorado at Boulder


Chuck writes: "I worked with autistic adults for three years, was a case manager and group instructor for adults with schizophrenia and at risk of incarceration, and for another three years I was a CNA in two nursing homes and with a homecare company.


"I'm a chronic pain sufferer, the experience resulting in my first novel, a humorous children’s chapter book, Hello Piccolo!, about a bird with a broken wing. 


"During a long spell where my injury/condition stayed in the background, I became an avid scuba diver, with the goal of diving on the wreck of the U-853 off Rhode Island.I was able to make two dives on the U-boat before my uninvited guest, pain and disability, returned with a vengeance.


I was also an avid spear fisherman with an inconvenient tendency to feel sorry for the fish I was aiming at and, more often than not, I failed to pull the trigger.


"I live with three cats (two being a mother and tiny kitten who showed up one day to inform me they were moving in), a dog who showed up under my carport one morning, all skin and bones, with a bad limp, and several chickens."


"What keeps me going? Writing, a fascination with World War II, originating in childhood, caring for those suffering from dementia, my love for animals, and a highly active (if not warped) sense of humor, along with the hope of someday returning to Rhode Island with my four-legged family."



Chuck Daukas, author of A Little Night Fishing