Why A Little Night Fishing?

This book was originally written as a short story. Hesitant to seek publication in this form, Chuck felt that an entire novel was buried in the tale. The year he reluctantly move away from Rhode Island to take a job as a teacher in North Carolina, Chuck was acutely homesick for the South Shore while living in a fairly isolated country setting.

"I realized that channeling my homesickness into a novel would be the next best thing to being there, along with the fact that I was bored. I didn't even have a TV," Chuck recalls.


"I write to entertain myself. Is it not true that boredom is the mother of creativity? And I still don't have a TV."


Chuck is an impatient reader, so he wants lots of action and little window dressing.

"A story not only has to be entertaining, but lean and fast-paced in order to hold my attention. Humor, especially dark, twisted humor, is a key ingredient," he says.


"If I can reduce an entire page or two (or sometimes even entire chapters) to crisp paragraphs, or even single sentences, and not lose any essential information that progresses the plot and characters, I'll do so.

"A Little Night Fishing may not be for everyone, but I’m certain it will find its niche as a darkly humorous read, perfect for the beach, that will make the reader wince and squirm with delightful discomfort.